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If your kid is suffering from cyberbullying that there are some common sense steps you and your kid can take to get off the situation:
• Log out and block the person bullying you. If it is carried on cell phone, attend calls only from known numbers.
• Do not respond: Avoid responding as it might circulate immediately. Moreover, it will only work as fuel on fire.
• Alter contacting information: If possible, the affected kid can change his/her contact information. You can complain to the hosting site through which false profiles are being managed for cyberbullying purposes.
• Save all related e-mails: Saving the emails related to the bullying message will help our ISP to take strict action against the bullying party.

The statistics of youth committing suicide because of cyberbullying cases are as follows:
• Almost 56 percent of digital bullying cases have been reported from chat rooms.
• 33 percent of the total youth community is considered to be a victim of Internet bullying.
• 34 percent kids suffering from online bullying tends to develop frustration, 22 percent feels sad whereas, 30 percent tends to become angry.
• 41 percent of the youth being victimized do not tell about their problem to others.
• Most of the offenders consider the practice to be full of fun and enjoyment.
• 28 percent of victims are associated with e-mail messages and 49 percent of cyberbullying victims come from instant messaging services.

The Trinity College in Dublin has issued out a new research in which it has been stated that one out of every four girls are getting ion contact with cyberbullying issues.

The reason has been associated to the increasing number of registrations with the social media websites of girls as compared to that of one from every six boys. These statistics can either be the victim or the bully himself. This data has been transferred to the Department of Children which has looked into the matter and is now in the opinion of establishing a forum in which all aspects related to cyberbullying will addressed and which is expected to take place in the month of May this year.

There are several facts related to the bullying act on the Internet of which five major facts are mentioned as follows:
• As much as 42 percent of kids have suffered from cyberbullying and at least one out of every four has gone from such a situation more than once.
• About 21% of these victims are being threatened with mean e-mail messages.
• The psychological outcomes from cyberbullying are the same as compared to the real world bullying.
• The major location on the Internet where such action takes place the most can be referred to as the different chat rooms.